Long awaited update.

It has been quite a long time since I last gave everyone an update on here and for good reason. We all know how 2020 went, and since the beginning of September I have been working full-time basically non stop with a production company based here in Los Angeles shooting interiors for Realtors daily. I… Read more »


This is for the ones that know. It has been a long road in this BMX career of mine as a photographer and journalist. To be able to say that I was provided the chance to be a part of something so unique and truly one of a kind is an incredible feeling. The fact… Read more »


After getting back to California in mid-September from another east coast summer’s worth of work teaching photography, I am finally getting the chance to get things updated. It has been a while since I last posted but I have been busy working on a lot of new projects. From shooting studio and lifestyle work for… Read more »

Street series from NYC.

I recently spent less than 24-hours in NYC shooting a new project in the streets and released it as an exclusive gallery on my instagram as a story feature. You can see it now by going to my page. I have been teaching photography again this summer for nearly three months now and needed a… Read more »

Wispense x Elina Fedorova

Elina Fedorova launched her fitness app/website and I happened to be on board for the launch of the brand shooting BTS stills and video. We shot in two different studios at FD Studios in Downtown L.A. back in February. She’s been working hard behind the scenes and has been working for years dialing in her… Read more »

BTS Production Stills.

I am slowly building a new gallery featuring BTS work that I have shot from the past few years on set with the likes of Khalid, Normani and Duke Dumont. I’ve been going through and narrowing all of the selects that will make the final cut so stay tuned and check back for more updates… Read more »


Here is a new one for the ongoing Landscape gallery that I have been building over the years. It doesn’t happen often, but finding the right location, and being in the right place at that exact moment is what landscape work is all about to me. See it full screen in the gallery by clicking… Read more »


I just published an entire gallery of work from the Ignition series that created with DIG Magazine. We collaborated on the project and even with a crazy travel schedule where I live on the other side of the country for a quarter of the year, and communication from here to overseas where DIG is located… Read more »

Recent work.

This is a new one of the ongoing car series that I’ve slowly been building over the years. Creating and building an original series that focuses on unique, and in some cases, seemingly one-of-a-kind finds patience is key. I always have an eye out for the perfect opportunity to find one in the wild and… Read more »


After driving back across the country from East to West once I was done working for the summer I had the chance to go to Belize and it was unreal. The place is magical and the Caribbean Sea is incredible. I spent five days there before heading back home to reality here in Los Angeles…. Read more »

  • Last light in Joshua Tree.

    This was one of those moments that felt like forever but in reality lasted less than a minute. Landscape photography inspires so much of my work and myself in general. I truly believe that I could shoot beautiful landscapes until the day I die without ever being over it. Until the next one.

  • Always moving forward.

    I have been busy lately working on a variety of projects as I always seem to be. The only way I know how to push forward is to keep it moving. I suppose it makes for an interesting way to live but when you are pursuing goals on a daily basis life seems to be… Read more »

  • New “At Random” feature with Travis Collier.

    I had the opportunity to do a new “At Random” feature for Defgrip that you can check out HERE. I’ve been busy shooting and stacking content for some new projects that will be coming out soon. It’s important for me to constantly try to strive to put out original content and support the outlets that… Read more »

  • Downtown Los Angeles.

    I had the opportunity recently to work with one of my favorite models who happens to be from Ukraine. She is always down to shoot and work on new projects and has a look that you just can’t deny. We shot in an empty parking garage at dusk and even caught a few photos on… Read more »

  • Venice Beach, California.

    You meet some wild and strange characters in Venice and that is always a guarantee. When it comes to photographing people I invest a lot of time and energy into breaking down the barrier and gaining trust from my subjects. This truly helps to get a genuine connection and it is always surreal to me… Read more »

  • New Work.

    I just recently got some 35mm film developed and found some photos that I completely forgot about and that I happen to be into. I added six new photos to the East gallery which you can see by clicking HERE.¬†Things with the site have been going well and the launch seems to have had a… Read more »

  • New portfolio site.

    Well the day has finally come for the re-launch of my portfolio site. This has been an incredibly rewarding process and something that I have been wanting to do for a few years now. I have been so busy working on project after project and keeping up with a variety of clients throughout the past… Read more »

  • ESPN X Games Project.

    Well that’s a wrap for another year working as the lead BMX Researcher for ESPN and the X Games. It is always an incredible amount of work for the duration of nearly three months but for all of the stress, there are some amazing rewards. One of my favorite things about working on that project… Read more »

  • House Fire.

    The other day I happened to be on my way to Santa Cruz, California for a weekend of shooting when I realized I forgot my battery chargers. Luckily, I wasn’t too far from home and just quick hopped off the 101 and headed back. When I was about to take a left to go to… Read more »

  • New galleries in the works.

    I’ve been stacking photos for a few new galleries to go with the re-launch of my new site and I can’t wait until they go live so everyone can finally see them. It has been months now since I started building this new body of work and it’s all happening soon. Keep checking back for… Read more »