I recently spent less than 24-hours in NYC shooting a new project in the streets and released it as an exclusive gallery on my instagram as a story feature. You can see it now by going to my page. I have been teaching photography again this summer for nearly three months now and needed a break to shoot some personal work. I went to the city with one camera, three batteries, the clothes on my back and a toothbrush in my pocket with only one goal to shoot as much as I could. With no place to stay, no phone, no map, and nowhere to go in the middle of the night I found some peace and quiet on a bench in Union Square. It was an amazing experience to just absorb as much of the city as I could in such a short time. I left with blisters on my feet, and images to come home with and that was the entire point. I also did a print giveaway in coordination with that as well.

NYC, August 2019.

Don’t miss out on the next print giveaway and stay tuned to my instagram for more in the future. I’m finishing up my last week of work here on the East Coast before I start the process of driving cross-country once again. I’m looking forward to being home, and getting back into shooting as much as possible and continue creating original content.

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