Well the day has finally come for the re-launch of my portfolio site. This has been an incredibly rewarding process and something that I have been wanting to do for a few years now. I have been so busy working on project after project and keeping up with a variety of clients throughout the past few years that it left little time to actually sit down and focus on any of my personal work. I made the decision to invest my energy into putting together a variety of photos that showcase some of what I do.
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All of the images are either brand new, never before seen, or have been re-edited and re-sized to work with the new format of the site. If you have been anywhere around me for the past 6 months you have probably heard me mention working on a new website and it feels surreal to be writing this at the moment. I couldn’t feel any more relieved and ready to be able to share this with the world. One of the things that I have been excited about is the new mobile version of my site. For years I have always wanted a better way to display my images to people looking at my site on their phone and it is finally here. Of course the site is best viewed full-size on a laptop (preferably a mac display) but to be honest, I couldn’t be happier about how the images look on smart phones.

This moment marks a point in my career that I won’t soon forget and it feels incredible to be starting on this new chapter with a body of work that I can proudly stand behind. Look out for regular updates as I will be constantly shooting, and letting the site evolve organically. I appreciate any and all feedback and will continue to put out as much original content as I can so be sure to check back regularly. Thank you to anyone along the way that has waited patiently to see so much of this new work finally come together. Thank you to anyone reading this, and thank you to anyone who has ever said they enjoy my work.


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