The other day I happened to be on my way to Santa Cruz, California for a weekend of shooting when I realized I forgot my battery chargers. Luckily, I wasn’t too far from home and just quick hopped off the 101 and headed back. When I was about to take a left to go to my house, I was behind a fire truck that cruised through the intersection and as I looked where it was going I saw a cloud of smoke start to rise and get bigger and bigger. I decided I was going to follow the truck there and see what the deal was.


When I got there it was a pretty crazy scene. There were a handful of firefighters all working seamlessly to help take care of the fire that was starting to blaze out of control. It started in a back house/garage and ended up moving to the front House and smoke started to pour out from the attic as the flames grew bigger. I ended up shooting for a half an hour or so and ended up leaving while they were still doing their thing. Fortunately they were there early enough and had the opportunity to get it out before it did any more damage.


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