If you are wondering why you haven’t seen the newest DIG “Ignition” feature it is because it has been put on hold for a few months while I’m out working on the East Coast. The latest one features Larry Edgar who happens to be a rider that I’ve seen come up over the years. We started shooting together back in 2007 when I first moved out West to California nearly ten years ago. Not much has changed, Larry is still shredding on a BMX bike and has an attitude that most people should use as an example of how to stay humble.


If you want to spend some time reading the piece, click HERE to go directly to it. Although Ignition is on hold at the moment, don’t forget to follow myself @jeremy pavia, and @digbmx to keep up on it as soon as the next one goes live. And as always, big thanks to DIG for giving me a voice and platform for my work.


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