There is always something about the way people look at me when I point my camera in their face that keeps me wanting more. Their reaction is something that I can nearly predict at this point based on their demeanor, look, and overall energy. Then there are times where I get surprised, and am left confused that someone can get so angry at the act of getting a photograph of them taken. At times it feels natural, and then there are times that it feels incredibly awkward. The awkward times are the ones that I appreciate most because it makes the end result, and that final photograph that much more meaningful to me.

blog_dtla_skid_row-1I’m always building new bodies of work and stacking images for future galleries and a street gallery will be published at some point on the site so keep an eye out for that. In the meantime, follow me on Instagram @jeremypavia to see some of my selects from the journey.


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