My newest feature for ESPN just went live today and it’s sitting on the home page of at the moment which is a huge honor. I have always wanted to check out the Nitro Circus Tour (Travis Pastrana’s crazy brain child) and I happened to be able to do just recently in Los Angeles. I had the idea to document what it would be like to follow Nitro BMX athlete James Foster for the day and capture life behind the scenes for him on tour. He travels the world on a regular basis with these guys and has done nearly 100 shows now. He puts everything on the line night in and night out on tour and I have nothing but respect for that.


The dude also does triple backflips every show which is absolutely mental. If you were to tell my young BMX self that anything like that would be a possibility in the future I would have never believed it. Seeing BMX progress the way it has over the past 15 years has been incredible. Thanks to ESPN as always and thanks to James for letting me hang out and do what I do. Check the feature out HERE.

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